terms & conditions

Office Hours & Availability

While I would love to be available 24/7 to do photoshoots, as well as edit your photos, and respond to enquiries - unfortunately I was put on this Earth as a human.

I run a tight schedule running Orange'd Media solo. I aim to respond to enquiries within 24-48 hours whenever I get a free moment. I don't expect you to be awake and reply to my 2am DM's, don't worry!

Please keep in mind, as mentioned - I am human - and humans get sick (I know, annoying right). This means there may be times where we unexpectedly have to push back admin/editing and sometimes reschedule sessions. The last thing I would want is to share the germs with you - and vice versa. If you are sick, please get in contact asap about rescheduling your session.

Getting in touch

Email is the best way to easily keep track of communication, as we can both save the email trail to refer to later on.  

If it is urgent, such as a last minute reschedule/cancellation - please text or call me on the number provided when you book or you can call via Instagram.

If you'd like to send through some inspiration for your upcoming session straight from Instagram - Direct message us @orangedmedia


Whether you have a specific vision for your photoshoot, need a little creative direction, or want to run entirely with whatever concept we come up with.

Together we will plan the finer details and what each of us can supply that supports your budget. Keeping in mind if we have to supply additional equipment, location, wardrobe, etc. - it may cost a little extra.

Your images are delivered via a private online gallery only available to you. Make sure to save your images, as this link will expire.  Additional images or full gallery download is available for purchase within your gallery.  

It is the client’s responsibility to obtain permission for entry at all applicable locations unless specified otherwise upon booking - and to advise the photographer of any restrictions or policies in place at all applicable locations.

The photographer shall not be held responsible for any photographs requested but not provided resulting from the late arrival of the client, models, wedding parties or any delays due to unforeseen circumstances. It is also the duty of the client to keep guest photographers from hampering the photographer during the designated official photography time.


A non refundable deposit [NRD] is required to be made upon booking your photography/content session - full payment is to be paid at least 2 weeks prior to your photoshoot.

If you have chosen our payment plan option, there will be an additional $10 fee added for administration fees.

You have the option to request a weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment plan - subject to how far in advance you are booking. This will be discussed prior to the payment plan agreement.

If you cannot make payment by the due date please communicate this before the due date to prevent our accounts overdrawn.

Content Sessions

Booking one of our Content Creator packages is a great way to get bulk content to use across your Socials.

In these sessions we can either come into the workplace, or shoot on location depending on what kind of themes and concepts you have for your brand.

We recommend regular content sessions to keep everything up to date, especially with the forever changing Social Media trends.

Let us help you come up with content for any special campaigns or promos!

Sessions that require additional props, locations, models, client testimonials, etc. will be organised and supplied by you as the client - unless specified otherwise during the booking process.

Content Creator packages include a combination of images and videos taken on both camera and iPhone.

Content Rights

Orange'd Media reserves the right to creative freedom and decision making when producing finals images/video for clients.

We have the right to share images/photos taken unless formally and previously agreed upon otherwise, for use on Orange'd Media social media accounts and website.

Images are supplied with standard usage rights & are not to be redistributed or sold to any third parties.

Commercial use of images has specific pricing structure & licensing. Please advise before your shoot where possible if you wish to use your images for advertising/commercial use.


Whilst we are dedicated to turning your visions into a reality - sometimes this isn't always the case for a multitude of reasons (change of mind, weather, illness/accidents, etc)

Orange'd Media maintain a no refund policy.

We understand that unexpected things happen - however, we must account for all planning, admin and potential loss of income for us as a result of last minute rescheduling/cancellation, as we are not always able to fill your spot at short notice.

In circumstances where we are unable to deliver or provide a service unexpectedly - a refund or credit may be provided upon agreement.

Refunds may take up to 10 business days.

By purchasing services, packages, and extras from Orange'd Media - you accept and agree to all above terms and conditions.